Praise Her At The City Gates


Our friend Brian Potter has written a poignant and beautiful post. He’s seen his wife, doing the little things wives, mothers, and all women do. He’s seen her work go unnoticed and unappreciated, as the daily deeds of women so often do. And he’s been spurred to action. Brian has decided to praise his wife every day for the month of October, and he’s valiantly called upon all men to do the same for the special women in their lives. He’s even penned a cool hashtag for this grand commission: #PraiseHerAtTheCityGates

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Trim Healthy Mama Pumpkin Fudge

Trim Healthy Mama Pumpkin Fudge (S)

It’s Fall, y’all! Time to put pumpkin in ev-er-eee-thing! Fall is my favorite season. I’d love to do some cute layers with my clothes, wear adorable boots and carefully arranged scarves, and all things plaid and flannel. But, here in central Texas we’re still rocking tank tops and flip flops. We get about a week of Fall, usually sometime in December, then three weeks of Winter, a dash of Spring and the rest of the year is Summer.  We don’t really do seasons around here. While I can’t slip into a comfy cardigan and sip a mug of something warm and sweet – without sweating my face off – I certainly can throw some pumpkin into a few dishes and pretend I see leaves changing colors outside my window. 

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Trim Healthy Mama Ginger Snap Cookies

Trim Healthy Mama Ginger Snap Cookies

These cookies don’t earn the title “snap” due to their crunch. They’re firm with just a bit of chewiness. We’re using almond and flaxseed meal, two dense, alternative flours that don’t usually produce the crunchiest of cookies. These little babies do however pack a smart little punch of snappy ginger flavor. I prefer to use whole dried ginger root ground right into the cookie dough for a straight-up, sock-you-in-the-kisser spicy cookie. 

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Fakertot Casserole

Fakertot Casserole is low carb, and full of flavor!

Tater Tot Casserole is one of my all-time favorite comfort food casseroles. After getting braces, my sweet Nanny offered to make a special dinner just for me, anything I wanted. I requested Tater Tot Casserole. And I’ve been missing my favorite casserole since I’ve started the Trim Healthy Mama lifestyle. I don’t miss the pounds it packs on, but I certainly miss the creamy, savory flavor and hearty beef and cheesy goodness. This Fakertot Casserole is an absolutely perfect low-carb version of an old favorite! 

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A letter to my husband on our anniversary


Dear Scott,

Today we celebrate nine years of marriage. I’ve been looking through wedding pictures, remembering that beautiful day and all the different emotions. And I’m amazed by how much we’ve changed and grown – and stayed the same – throughout the years. Nine years ago we officially became a family and you took on a wife and three kids all at once. It still amazes me. 

The kids are teenagers now, and we have four more running around under our feet. Seven kids! I look at their little faces and just marvel, because if someone would have told me we would have these amazing people in our lives ten years ago when we started dating, I would have laughed. Four more kids with the boy from the newspaper? But here they are, Abigail with your outgoing personality, Harmony with a combination of our hair (poor child), David with your smile, and Gideon will be as big as your dad! Little pieces of you, running around and keeping my day interesting. And as the teenagers are becoming more independent I’ve struggled with extracting my identity from them, finding myself again, and you’re helping me through that painful process, always encouraging me. You’re an amazing husband and father.

I still get butterflies in my stomach when I see you. I wonder if that will still happen when we’re old together. I hope so. 

Yes, we have our days when we’re just annoyed as heck with each other, after all, we’re just a couple of sinners living out Grace together. But the bad days are few and far between. I really can’t think of a couple more happy than we are together. You put up with my horrendous ghetto dance moves when I jam out to 90’s pop music while doing the dishes, and I just shake my head when you rip some awesome air guitar when we’re warming up for a run together. We’re silly and beautiful together with wonderful “your mother” jokes sprinkled throughout compliments and professions of love for each other. Playful shoulder punches and passionate kisses. I hope all our children find that kind of love. 

Thank you for marrying me. You’re everything that is wonderful about my life.

I love you,


Trim Healthy Mama Black Bean Quesadillas

Trim Healthy Mama Black Bean Quesadillas

One of the first assumptions when people hear about Trim Healthy Mama is that it’s a low carb lifestyle. Not true! We Trim Healthy Mamas love our carbs! This simple dish features healthy carbs like black beans and brown rice to help keep us energized and losing weight. The Trim Healthy Mama plan wisely includes healthy carbs that are full of fiber. These kinds of carbs are absorbed slowly into our systems, avoiding spikes in blood sugar levels. To keep these quesadillas in an E (energizing) setting on the Trim Healthy Mama plan, we use black beans with low-fat Laughing Cow Cheese and chicken breast. 

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Barbecue Stuffed Buns with Honey Butter Sesame Glaze

Barbecue Stuffed Buns made with Rhodes Frozen Bread Rolls

These delicious, tender buns are filled with smokey barbecued pork and topped with a buttery honey glaze. I love to use up leftover barbecue for this simple, but oh-so-good meal that can easily work as an after school snack for hungry teens. We normally slow-cook a large pork roast with our favorite barbecue sauce and a dash of liquid smoke. After eight hours, simply shred the roast with a fork and allow all the juices to soak into the meat. 

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