Sugar Free BBQ Pulled Pork with Broccoli Slaw

sugar free BBQ sauce with pulled pork THM friendly from

I recently saw one of those click-bait type posts on Facebook about a two-ingredient BBQ sauce and I was intrigued. The recipe used ketchup and a can of soda… not exactly what I think of for a solid BBQ sauce, but it got me thinking maybe I could use a can of stevia-sweetened soda to create a simple sugar free BBQ sauce for our family’s favorite slow cooked pulled pork. The result was yummy, y’all! 


Why I’m a Trim Healthy Mama Blogger

Trim Healthy Mama

I’ve been blogging off and on for about five years, respectively. I’ve covered a variety of topics that were near and dear to my heart – but my passion has been food blogging. As a kid I would love to flip through cookbooks and look at the pictures – sadly as a young adult I was a terrible cook. My Nanny took pity on her wayward granddaughter and taught her a few handy tricks in the kitchen. I think she did this mostly for my husband’s sake. When I first started this blog, it was to share some of my sweet Nanny’s recipes as a way to keep her alive in my heart through the magic of wonderful food. In 2014 I started the Trim Healthy Mama eating plan as a way to lose the weight I had struggled with for years. I had seen the program work for close friends and once I started, I could see that it worked for me and my husband. As the direction of my life (and waistline) changed, I knew the content of my blog would also need to be revised.


Cinco de Mayo Trim Healthy Mama Recipes

Trim Healthy Mama Recipes for Cinco de MayoHola! It’s time for one of my favorite down-south holidays: Cinco de Mayo! I love everything about this festive occasion, full of great music, bright colors, and mouth-watering foods. Cinco de Mayo, or May 5th, is not (as it’s commonly mistaken) Mexico’s Independence Day (that’s actually September 16th). Cinco de Mayo is observed to celebrate the Mexican army’s victory over the French at the Battle of Puebla on May 5, 1862. It’s a day for Mexicans and Mexican Americans to proudly honor their ethnicity and rich history. And it’s a day to get some seriously tasty food. I’m looking forward to celebrating with these wonderful Trim Healthy Mama recipes to keep me a trim little mamacita! 


Low Carb Broccoli Breakfast Bombs

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This is a tasty low carb breakfast option for mommas (and papas) on the go! I love to make a batch of these and stash them in the fridge for a quick and easy breakfast that keeps us full all morning long.  One of these babies makes a filling breakfast, but sometimes we’ll have one and a half if we’re particularly hungry. I think you’d have to be a lumber jack to eat two… or one of my teenage sons.