Dear Gideon

A letter to baby number seven.

Baby Gideon

Dear Gideon,

How’s it going in there, little man? It’s been a rough week – though you may not have noticed. I hope that is the case. I’m 34 weeks pregnant with you and we’ve had to deal with some blood pressure issues. It looks like I may not be able to carry you fully to term, something I’ve never dealt with before with your older brothers and sisters.

We won’t be having you at home, like we originally planned. We’ll be giving birth at the hospital. It’s not the place that matters, though. It’s your well-being we care about most of all. 

You’ve remained healthy through all this so far. Your name means “mighty warrior” – did you know that? I think you do, somehow – because you’re so strong. You have a fight ahead of you if you’re going to be born ahead of schedule. But I know God will strengthen you, my tiny son. He whispered your name in my heart the day I found out I was pregnant with you. He is fashioning you to be a mighty warrior. 

And, sadly, warriors must fight battles. You’re starting out your life battling for blood and oxygen because my high blood pressure contracts the blood vessels that are supposed to nurture you in my body – a battle that you’re winning so far, champ! You’ll be fighting for your first few hours, maybe days, because you’ll likely be born early. And eventually you’ll be fighting for attention in our rowdy house – but those will be slightly more fun battles. 

Be ready to fight, son. I’m ready to fight too, though my battle is inward. I’m fighting fear for your well-being. I’m trusting God will carry us both through these next days/weeks safely and deliver you healthy and strong into my arms. 

I love you already. I can’t wait to see your little feet, kiss your cheeks, hold you close and shower you with affection. So be strong, little boy. Keep growing. We’ll see you soon.



9 thoughts on “Dear Gideon

  1. Nana

    I will tuck you and baby Gideon in my prayers. Have faith as a grain of mustard seed that God will take care of both of you.

  2. mommytrainingwheels

    I’ll keep my fingers crossed for your blood pressure issues to resolve themselves. *Hugs* Amanda, this little fighter of yours is going to do great!

  3. Ella

    May God bless your delivery. I am too on my 35th week with a baby girl. A child number 6th for our family. You are in my thoughts and prayer.

  4. Stacey

    I feel for you. My daughter came at 34 weeks very unexpectedly and though she was in nicu for 8 days you would never know that little 4lbs 6oz baby is now the 5’6″ 105lb beautiful/smart/funny/talented 14 yr old I have today! I will pray for you and Gideon, I’m sure you both will be fine. God Bless you and your family.

  5. triciaburns

    praying for you and baby gideon. we are having number 6 and are battling blood pressure also. looks like we will be delivering early also. I will keep you both in our prayers. you are both might warriors. and I know our heavenly father is holding you both tight in his arms

  6. Skye

    I’ll be thinking about you and your family, good luck, and safe healthy delivery for Gideon and you.

  7. LadyMichigan

    Just hang in there, babies are strong and he will come through just fine. You are doing all you can for him, and the thoughts and prayers of friends and family will do the rest.

  8. Liz

    I don’t usually comment on blogs or postings, but I do want to tell you that I think your letter to your little guy is beautiful and so loving! Prayers and thoughts will be with you. Keep your faith strong. Hugs to you as well.

  9. Peggy Kays

    Praying for you and Gideon. I love your letter to him and I hope you are reading the letter to Gideon every day.

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