It Works Review: Do the It Works wraps really work?

Do the It Works wraps really work? A product review from a mom of seven with picture results

A few of my friends have started selling those magical body wraps that are supposed to shrink you up. I’ve always wondered if those things actually work or if it’s all just a lot of hippy-dippy boloney.  After having seven kids, my belly is sort of a train wreck. I’m proud of my body, and the amazing things God has allowed me to do. I’ve carried little lives, grown and stretched to accommodate very large twins, experienced every kind of birth from hospital settings, to a home water birth, to an emergency c-section. I am a mom, all the way to my core, healthy, strong and proud. Every mom deserves to feel a little more confident in her own skin. And I certainly was hoping to get rid of some saggy baggy skin. I’m okay with my belly, but I’d like to not have to tuck my extra skin into my pants like a weird flesh shirt. So I tried a few It Works body wraps to see what they could do for me. 

My friend Angela sent me a wrap in the mail to try. I mentioned this to a friend of mine, and discovered she had some extra wraps she could give me. I ended up with two boxes of wraps for free. I’d say that was a sign from above to go ahead and try the wraps. 

I wanted to approach this from a very straight-forward and non-biased point of view. I wanted to see if these things really worked. And right from the beginning I planned to share my results here with y’all, good or bad. I actually get a little thrill when I debunk something. If a product doesn’t deliver, I’m more than happy to tell my friends it’s a bunch of hogwash. Sadly, I can be a bit of a cynic. 

The bad part about this approach was I would have to take pictures of my body and show them on the internet. Not exactly my favorite pastime. I’m a “keep my shirt on” kind of gal. Let’s just say I’m not into getting a lot of beads at Mardi Gras. In fact, if I can wear a tank top, with a shirt over that, and then a cardigan over THAT, I feel fully dressed and ready to face the world. Flashing some skin is not in my repertoire after my 20’s, thank you very much. 

Do the It Works wraps really work?

But I went ahead and took a deep breath and did it. And I had to ask my teenagers to help me take some grainy cell phone pics of my belly. Imagine their sheer and utter joy in being roped into that fun little chore. Barrel of laughs, let me tell you

I had a kiddo take a pic of the front and side of my belly. Then I applied my first wrap. SUPER COLD! Maybe I’m the world’s biggest weenie, but the wrap was cold. I smoothed it out over my empty kangaroo pouch, wrapped it in plastic wrap to secure it tightly in place, then wore some spandex over that. If I’m gonna do something, I’m going all the way. I wore my wrap for the recommended 45 minutes. The wrap instructions recommended lots of water while wrapping. So I filled up a two-quart pitcher and chug-a-lugged. It was a little awkward going to the bathroom with my belly all wrapped up like a squishy Christmas present. I could also feel my skin tingling, in kind of an icy-hot way. I read the ingredients and saw all-natural stuff that I could pronounce, no scary chemicals, so I figured it was all okay. 

After 45 minutes I took off the wrap and took a good look in the mirror. 

I didn’t really see anything that blew me away. My belly was kind of red, and felt super hydrated, like I had rubbed quality lotion into the skin. But I didn’t look smaller. I’m not gonna lie, I was a little disappointed. Some people supposedly see results right away, but not me. The wrap instructions said the gel worked progressively over 72 hours, so I pulled up my pants and went on with my life, slightly sad not to suddenly look like Halle Berry. The next morning though, I did notice some difference. My normally droopy skin was more firm, less wrinkly. I began to think maybe there was something to these wraps after all. And the next morning I could see a little more improvement. So I went ahead and did five more, with three or four days in between each application. Every morning I would wake up just a little smaller, kind of like magic. I seemed to be shrinking in my sleep.

These are my results after a little over a month and six wraps.

Mom of seven tries It Works body wraps

For a while I thought the results were all in my head, until I put the before and after pictures together. Then I could really see the difference. I knew my pants were fitting so much better, and I was feeling a lot more confident and happy with the way I looked. But when I put these pictures together I was really shocked. 

I even threw together some before and afters with my shirt on – just to see if it was noticeable when I was fully dressed.

Do the It Works wraps actually work? A mom of seven reviews the It Works body applicator wraps

I was wearing the same shirt in each picture, but I had already donated the yoga pants from the before shot – they were just too big to wear.

I’m so impressed with the results and the way I feel about my body, I decided to jump right in and start selling the It Works products. I want other moms, and dads, to feel great in their own skin. The products are all-natural, botanical-based… and they actually WORK. The It Works Global company is a wonderful company, full of energy, and encouraging their sellers to get out of debt and give back to their community. Products that work and help people feel better, natural ingredients, lots of fun, and charity – PLUS being able to help support my large family? That just has my name written all over it. 

You can shop right here on my It Works Website and Online Catalogue to get started on a healthier, skinnier you! And when you order, shoot me an email at and mention “Reece’s Rainbow” and a portion of my commission will be donated to help Seth come home to the Speelman family

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I can’t wait to help you live a healthier life!

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    • Hi! :) no, the results from just one wrap can last two-six months, depending on the individual. Each wrap after that works to improve, not just maintain. It’s not like water weight loss, which will slowly creep back up on you. This is toning, firming and improving the skin.

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