What do you eat on Trim Healthy Mama?

what do you eat?

Often when I tell people I’m on a diet, they’ll assume I eat salads three times a day and I’m desperate for a donut. Honestly though, I love the Trim Healthy Mama eating plan. I don’t feel deprived or sad about missing out. I love the food I eat, I’m full, happy and totally satisfied. 

Lately I’ve been using a picture food journal app called Two Grand to record my meals. It’s kind of fun to look back and see what I’ve been eating, and it also helps me to be more mindful when making decisions about food. Now, I’m not a perfect Trim Healthy Mama. I fudge a bit with the “rules” and I use some food items that are not considered “on plan” because they’re not the most optimal health choice. Trim Healthy Mama is more than just losing weight, it’s living life and being as healthy as possible. This is certainly the healthiest I’ve ever been, but I wanted to throw a sort of disclaimer in here to say that I don’t always follow all the rules. I guess I’m a Trim Healthy (slightly naughty) Mama. 

A lot of beginner THMers wonder what it looks like to flip-flop between the different meal types on the Trim Healthy Mama plan. Don’t know what the heck I’m talking about? You really should buy the book. It’s amazing! Basically the two main meal types I eat are E (energizing) and S (satisfying).

Here’s what a week on Trim Healthy Mama (for me) looks like:


I started out the day with an E (energizing) meal, with very little fat and lots of carbs – and then enjoyed S (satisfying) meals with lots of fat and very little carbs for the rest of the day. I also needed to go to the grocery store… so I just worked with what I had around the house. No exercise for the day, just lots of cleaning and chasing after kids.

What does a week on the Trim Healthy Mama diet look like?


I started the day with another E meal, oats and blueberries, had a yummy S meal out with my hubby at a restaurant for lunch, had an E meal for dinner with healthy carbs from the brown rice. After little ones were in bed at 8 p.m. my hubby and I went for a run, two miles. And I had a night cap at the end of the day. You know, because it was Friday night. And I was a worn-out mama. 

What does a week on the Trim Healthy Mama diet look like?


My sweet hubby made delicious Trim Healthy Mama pancakes for our Saturday morning breakfast. It’s an E (energizing) meal, and I felt ready to run after. So I did a full 3 miles after breakfast while he watched the kids for me. What a guy, right? He’s a keeper. Then I had S (satisfying) meals for the rest of the day. It was just sort of a do-whatever kind of lazy day, and our thrown-together meals show that.

A week on Trim Healthy Mama


We’re pretty busy on Sundays getting everyone up and dressed for church. So I had a quick E meal for breakfast, came home and threw together leftovers for an E lunch, then had an S dinner with lots of cheese and cream and butter. Yum!

What's Trim Healthy Mama like?


It was a hot summer day, and I was ready for some watermelon! I made sure to eat an E lunch before my planned afternoon treat of a nice cold slice of watermelon, just to help my body process all the natural sugar. The rest of the day was lots of S meals. 

A week on the Trim Healthy Mama diet


A full day of S meals – those are my favorite kind of days. I’m a sucker for lots of fat and butter and cheese.  I certainly don’t feel deprived on my “diet”. 

eating the Trim Healthy Mama diet


Plenty of protein to fuel me up on a running day. We really love the Pizza Casserole from the Trim Healthy Mama book! This day I did have a Fuel Pull meal for lunch,  that’s a meal with very little fat and very little carbs. It’s rare for me to have a FP meal, I usually stick with S meals and a few E meals thrown in to mix it up. 

What a day on the Trim Healthy Mama diet looks like


And that’s one week! It’s the easiest diet I’ve ever followed – and the most effective. I feel great and I’ve lost over 30 pounds in five months. 

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14 thoughts on “What do you eat on Trim Healthy Mama?

  1. You say it best my dear. I have many days that aren’t full S, or full E, but a mix of both. And boy oh boy do I lo-o-ove my butter and cheese! THM is such an awesome blessing to me. Not only have I lost some much needed weight, but I feel much better than I have in years. That is, I think, the most important thing. I don’t feel at all deprived of anything. I love the fact that I can have a chocolate muffin in a mug every day if I want to. And the pounds still disappear!! This is not a diet, this is freedom from the depression of being overweight and unhappy for many years. I love your blog posts, and your wonderfully yummy recipes you share my dear. God bless, and please – keep on encouraging others. If they get even half as much out of your enthusiasm for the plan as I do, they will be Trim Healthy HAPPY Mamas (or Men LOL) soon too!

  2. Grape nuts! We can have grape nuts on THM? I totally missed that! You made my day. They are my favorite cereal.

    • Grape Nuts aren’t technically “on plan” because they’re not sprouted wheat. But the carb/fat ratio falls into an E category and I consider them okay for us. It’s one of those bend the rules type of thing I like to do to make my life easier ;)

  3. I only know about this diet from what I’ve read here, but if it’s all about NOT depriving yourself (loved the opening meme) then it’s good stuff. I know I sometimes eat foods that would be considered taboo in some weight-loss circles (Brie cheese? horrors ;-) ), but I say it’s more about amount and of course the exercise. Gotta burn some calories. And so happy to see that glass of wine up there. Kudos to you for taking care of yourself. One of the best gifts a mamma can give her kiddos.

  4. OMG…did you just make our whole week better! My co-worker and I are just starting and very confused to say the least and we were stressing about what to eat and how! Thank you soooo much for such wonderful detail!! You love the same foods as we do…so excited! Thank you!!!

  5. This is great ..thank you. I have read re-read and am probably overthinking everything. I am so confused on when I am to eat an E or S meal. Does it matter? And when do I add in Fuel Pulls and the SH’s that is a whole new vocabulary :) Im ready to jump in but Im like whoa which meal do I eat.

    • Freestyling is the best part of THM :) you decide what you want to eat. Feel like having eggs and cheese for breakfast? Great! Have a nice S breakfast. Want oatmeal for breakfast the next day? Have an awesome E breakfast. My friend has an E breakfast almost every day, then eats S meals for lunch and dinner. I like to switch things up and be totally random. Its all up to you!

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