Gideon, the Destroyer… of expectations.

Gideon Collage

Our little preemie boy, Gideon, is living up to his name. The name Gideon is Hebrew and it has a few meanings connected to it: Mighty Warrior, Feller (meaning to take down or topple), Destroyer. We joked that we weren’t going to apply the “destroyer” title to Gideon and went more for the Mighty Warrior theme. 

But he is a little destroyer. Not on purpose, mind you. He’s the sweetest little 5 pound boy you’ll ever hold. But everything about how he came to be, how he was born, how his situation progresses destroys… me, and my pride.

I didn’t realize how much I worshipped the idol of my own self-sufficiency. I’m a very healthy person, able to bring babies to term, able to breastfeed twins, able to raise a houseful of kids, able to do what I set my mind to – normally. And it gave me great pride. I wasn’t able to connect with or understand the struggles of other mothers and the heartache that comes with giving it all you’ve got and it’s just not enough. 

Until Gideon.

Even from conception, he destroyed a few of my plans. I wanted to train for my very first 5k – but we found out I was expecting and put that on a back burner for a while. I trucked on through my pregnancy, fully expecting to have a home birth with baby number seven because all seemed well and I was healthy. I continued life as normal, taking care of my family, starting this blog, sharing recipes, just trying to get it all done. 

And then at 34 weeks, my body couldn’t keep up. My blood pressure shot up to dangerous levels. 

high blood pressure during pregnancy

It started out around 140/90 one day and within a week it was reading 180s/100s and higher. Just before labor was induced at 34 weeks and 5 days it spiked to 210/115. I was on medicine to keep me from having seizures. I just couldn’t carry him any longer.

My home birth plans destroyed. My idol of personal health and strength destroyed.

We were admitted to the hospital to be induced and I still held on to stubborn pride and confidence that I could at least deliver vaginally. But as my blood pressure was still tricky to manage and his vital signs began to worsen, it looked grim. And then our little boy decided to really seal the deal: he turned around to a crooked breech position and his heart rate bottomed out. 

My idol of normal vaginal birth destroyed. I was prepped for emergency c-section. Six children, a set of twins… never before have I been unable to bring them into the world with my own body. 

The doctor quickly delivered our son but Gideon didn’t breath or cry for us. I could hear the nurses saying over and over, “Come on, baby, come on baby,” and a few slaps on his bottom, but only a slight gurgle. They took him away to the nursery to help him breath and I never saw him.

My idea that I would at least have that cute c-section picture with the baby in daddy’s arms next to my smiling face: destroyed. 

They stitched me up and wheeled me to recovery. After a while I was able to see my son. He was under a warmer, breathing – thank God.

And everything since then has been a learning experience. I’ve been stripped of the last of my pride. After two days of trying, really trying – I’d been getting up every three hours, walking down the hallway to the nursery while my c-section belly protested, declining pain medication as much as I could so I could breastfeed my little boy… I finally had to give him a bottle.  We had to supplement with formula, and I had to snuggle a pump instead of my baby.

pumping breastmilk

Exclusive breastfeeding idol: destroyed. Faith in all my abilities: destroyed. 

Shame on me for being so prideful. 

And thank God for teaching this prideful daughter new ways to trust in Him and others. You see, I prayed. I prayed for an easy labor and delivery. He said no. I prayed for my blood pressure to stabilize and a full term delivery. He said no. I prayed for a vaginal birth. He said no. I prayed for a quick recovery and the ability to breastfeed my son with no help. He said no. 

And with such love, God tenderly allowed me to experience a much-needed lesson: relying on others. I had to rely upon the doctor completely to deliver my baby. I rely upon the nursery nurses to teach me how to use a bottle and feed my baby. I rely upon my husband and my mother to bring me what I need from home – and to take care of our children during my absence. 

Stripped bare of my abilities. All expectations – destroyed. 

So I could be a more understanding, and trusting mom. 

That’s what Gideon is doing for me. I praise God for the things I’ve learned, painful lessons teach us so much. I’m so thankful for the smallest treasure of all – watching my son breath. Because that’s about all I can do right now. God is good to bring things into focus. 

And so baby Gideon – you are the destroyer. You got me, little boy. I cry “uncle” and surrender. Now be the Mighty Warrior. Grow big and strong for mommy. 

I love you.

After so many prayers and six long days, Gideon was able to stay in my room with me, and his daddy was finally able to hold him for the first time – free of tubes and wires.

Gideon is now thriving at home and showing us new ways to trust in God. We are so thankful for God’s blessings.



Just six months later, and little Mr. Gideon has become one big boy! He’s over 20 pounds and loves lots of cuddles. 

15 thoughts on “Gideon, the Destroyer… of expectations.

  1. mommytrainingwheels

    Welcome to the world, sweet Gideon!

    I’m happy to hear that you had a safe delivery even despite the fact that almost nothing went as planned. I’m sure I don’t have to tell you that the most important part is having a healthy child. I am certain that your little fighter will impress you every day as he continues to grow and stay strong.

    Take care of yourself, Amanda. I can’t wait to see a snapshot of your Mighty Warrior!

  2. Nana

    Oh My Amanda-do not be so hard on yourself. This was all out of your hands and I am so glad to hear your baby boy is safely here and you are fine. You need never question question your abilities or feel like you have failed. Consider what a blessing it is that available and competent medical help was there when you both needed it. I had C-sections twice and it occurred to me that in days of old I would have probably labored fruitlessly till the baby or I , or even both died. Now, just remember. you have gone through a major surgery and a weary pregnancy, so allow yourself to rest and recuperate and accept help as offered. I understand that we all consider ourselves to be superwomen, but I am sure in your years and experience you have given help and advice to other women so now let others reciprocate. God has blessed you and just be grateful and accept HIs gift to you and your family gracefully. To do less is akin to rejecting His plan and i know you would not do that. Congratulations to all of you. One last word and as a C-section mom and nurse-please rest and heal properly as in the long run you will heal quicker and without complication as compared to doing too much too soon trying to be brave and invincible.

  3. Melinda

    Congratulations! Can’t wait to see pictures, I will keep you and your family in our prayers.

  4. Rob

    What a beautiful post. You are a very talented writer, I felt like we were sitting in your hospital room chatting. Congratulations, you are wise far beyond your years. <3

  5. Liz

    you have way too high of expectations on yourself, Amanda. You have brought SEVEN children into this world. Give yourself a break, please! Congratulations on your beautiful baby boy. So happy you’ve all made it this far :-)

  6. Jeannie

    I have found that every time I get comfortable with myself and start thinking I know everything I need to know about this….it changes. I don’t really like the changes, but I think the man upstairs knows I need to be taken down a peg and guided back to the path I’ve strayed from. After all I prayed for that too.

  7. @mamaknif

    Ha ha! My oldest started me off right away on the humble train lol. C section, bottles, etc. then he proceeded to be the MOST challenging toddler ever! No delusions of grandeur for this mama. Guess I should be thankful.

  8. Sarah @ How My World Runs

    Great post! Congratulations and what sweet pictures.

  9. Talya Tate Boerner

    Gideon is so precious. Congrats to you and your family. God is good.

  10. nikki Gregory

    Amazing story!….I did not see this on your blog…So happy everything worked out with baby boy being healthy & now home with you … I had emailed you asking when you were due & if you wanted I am a 35 yr old mom of 6 lil ones…eager for another…so much you had to go through…bless you.. I may hold off on expanding in my cards…so glad I came across you story..:) Nikki

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  14. JT

    Hugs ~ mother of 2 nicu babies, NOTHING like having to watch them take that baby out of your room… glad all went so well for your cute family

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