Happy Dog Box – Merry Christmas to Duke!

Our dog Duke loved his Happy Dog Box treats this Christmas

Our beloved Labrador, Duke, got his box of goodies from Happy Dog Box, and he’s jollier than Santa in a cookie factory. This was the first time in his life the mail carrier brought something special just for him. Perhaps they’ll be friends now. 

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. Our family receives a small portion of the proceeds when sales are made using these links. I was not financially compensated for writing this post. Our dog received a free box of goodies to review. All opinions expressed in this article are my own.

I had mentioned before that our dog Duke is a beloved part of our family. He really is an outstanding dog. He’s gentle with our babies, super smart, and best of all: super lazy. He fits right in, although I do have to step over him when I’m cleaning because heaven forbid he should have to move over while I’m sweeping up his hair. 

Duke has a few jobs of his own around the house. He helps clean up under the high chairs after meals. He occasionally manages the energy to bark at a passing salesperson. He helps keep the babies entertained by allowing them to pat his back and pull his tail, in exchange for the occasional Goldfish cracker. 

It was so nice to reward all his hard work with a box full of fun treats and toys just for him.

Happy Dog Box review

And boy-oh-boy, he scored the jackpot! Happy Dog Box sent out a great box full of really cool products. We did receive this box free, as a special treat to review with Duke – but normally you would only pay $25 a month for a package from Happy Dog Box – and shipping is free. I know I couldn’t get all this for $25! I was really impressed.

Duke’s holiday box came with:

chew toy from Happy Dog BoxAn adorable candy cane squeaker toy made especially for large dogs. Duke was BESIDE himself. He loves squeaker toys, but rarely gets them. You see, he always manages to completely destroy any squeaker toy we’ve ever given to him in a matter of minutes. It kind of breaks my heart, because in our house he’s surrounded by all kinds of toys that he’s not allowed to have. It really was fun to give him a very special toy just for him. 

Duke loves his toy from Happy Dog Box

You see the joy radiating from his eyes? Total happiness right there. This was the best shot I could get – in the others he looks like a total lunatic. He was just too happy. And so far – days later – the squeaker toy is still in one piece! It’s amazing. He sleeps with it all the time. 

snoozing with his toy from Happy Dog Box

Duke also received:

chicken treats from Happy Dog BoxYummy organic chicken treats. I read through the ingredients before I gave him a treat because he had a battle with parvo when he was a puppy and it left him with a sensitive stomach. Everything in these treats are totally fine for him to have, though. No added fillers or cornmeal or yucky stuff like that. And he loves them. 

duck treats from Happy Dog BoxHe also loved these wonderful roasted duck bites. Again, totally okay for his sensitive stomach. I appreciated Happy Dog Box sending good treats for our boy. And they also sent these for him:

SONY DSCTwo little gingerbread cookies – just for Duke! I had a hard time convincing our two-year-old daughter Abby that these were not for her. It was really fun giving Duke his special treat by the Christmas tree. I tried to get a picture of him enjoying his cookie… but I wasn’t fast enough. It was gone before the camera could focus.

Also in the box was a peppermint-scented bath set:

doggie bath set from Happy Dog Box

I really love the way this smells! I may or may not have sprayed some on myself on the way to church the other day… It really smells fabulous. And I appreciate that my dog no longer smells like a dead fish. He’s getting extra petting now that he smells like candy.

How does Happy Dog Box work? Every month they send out 5-6 of hand-selected, all natural dog treats, toys and other cool dog products. You can customize your box by selecting what size dog you have: small, medium, or large. These are products you can’t find at the typical big-box pet store. Happy Dog Box conveniently ships this box of delicious and useful gifts with free shipping right to your door. It’s easy to sign-up and get started. Plus you can give a gift subscription for a loved one with furry babies. 

And the really nice news is that Happy Dog Box works with animal charities by donating a portion of their profits to shelters in partnership with the San Francisco SPCA. Happy Dog Box does their best to provide healthy treats and fun toys to brighten these sweet shelter dogs’ days.

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7 thoughts on “Happy Dog Box – Merry Christmas to Duke!

  1. Luke at your precious baby, Duke! I love this for him!:) I would love to sign our Cicero up for something like this but he is so dang picky about his toys! He pretty much loves 2 things: pig ears and dog ropes. He usually destroys the rope in a few days and starts to eat it so we have to chuck it out! Hehe! Happy holidays to you and your family! Hugs!

  2. I had a black lab for 13 years. Her name was Savannah. My husband used to call her silk ears cause they felt like that. Miss her. Duke is adorable and I’m glad the postman brought him his own box. Merry Christmas.

  3. Hahah!! I love Duke! I really love the picture of him sleeping beside the squeaky toy. Too cute! That’s a very awesome treat for him and I am super glad he was able to enjoy all of the treats. I think I will look into it for Sloane and Ziggy.

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