Trim Healthy Mama

What is Trim Healthy Mama?

Trim Healthy Mama (THM) is NOT just another diet book. It’s a way to understand food and what actually makes us gain weight and suffer health problems like diabetes, heart problems, cholesterol issues, hormone imbalances, migraines and more.  The general idea behind the book is that God has given all types of food for us to enjoy: meat, veggies, fruit, grains, dairy, and even fats. The THM plan does not exclude any of these food groups, instead it shows you how to healthfully combine food groups to lose weight. thm links

Losing weight on the THM plan is very easy. Some key principles to remember when in the kitchen are:

  • Keep fats and carbs separated. The great thing about THM is you can have healthy fats and healthy carbs, you just don’t eat them together in the same meal while you’re trying to lose weight. 
  • Eat some form of protein with every meal. Protein keeps you feeling full, helps your body recover and repair itself, helps your body produce important enzymes and hormones – and so much more.
  • Stay away from all types of sugars. While trying to lose weight it’s best to avoid excess insulin. The THM plan utilizes sugar substitutes: SteviaTruviaErythritol, or XylitolSpecial Note: please know that xylitol is poisonous for dogs. Keep any treats made with xylitol away from your pets for their safety!

And those are the basics. Not too hard to grasp, right? Here’s a really great Trim Healthy Mama Overview for more information. Of course, you really need to read the book to get all the ins and outs along with great tips and tricks, recipes, and more. 

You can visit the official Trim Healthy Mama website to learn more. There’s also the Trim Healthy Mama Forums to visit. And while you’re surfing, swing by the Trim Healthy Mama Facebook Group Page for some awesome support and encouragement. And check out the Trim Healthy Mamas Pinterest Page full of boards to help you get started.

Why do I love Trim Healthy Mama?

It’s so easy. I don’t have to count calories, cut out a bunch of food groups, write down every bite I take, or pay monthly fees. It’s easy to prepare healthy food my family can enjoy together with only a few minor adjustments for me and my husband. And it WORKS. We’re losing weight without feeling starved or deprived. It’s perfect for a couple of food-lovers like us. If I do happen to mess up, it’s easy to get back on track with no guilt.

Our Progress

Trim Healthy Mama - week one

  • Our First Week on the Trim Healthy Mama plan produced some surprising results. 

Trim Healthy Mama one month results

  • The pounds kept coming off during our First Month! Five full weeks on the plan with no cheats. 

Trim Healthy Mama results after six months

trim healthy mama results

  • One Year Results – We are Trim Healthy Mama for LIFE! We couldn’t be more amazed by our transformations! 

Shopping List

To get a good start on the Trim Healthy Mama plan, there are some essentials you’ll need.  You can of course get just a few things and build your THM supply slowly. It does not have to be a huge investment all at once. Check out this Trim Healthy Mama Money-Saving Facebook Group for some great tips and deals to save money while losing weight.

I truly recommend the products sold in the official online Trim Healthy Mama store. Pearl and Serene are dedicated to the highest quality and the healthiest foods. Shop around for their own brand of “Gluccie,” defatted peanut flour, “Not Naughty Noodles,” oat fiber, protein powder, and more!

  • You’ll need the book: Trim Healthy Mama. You really can’t get around this. Yes, it can be considered “pricey” but really, it’s like buying several books in one.  Consider it a textbook for healthy eating, a recipe book, a testimonial and encouragement for Christian women (and men), and more. It’s an enjoyable read, all 650 pages.
  • Sugar substitute. Sugar is a big ol’ no-go on the THM plan. The recommended sweeteners are Stevia, Truvia, Xylitol, and Erythritol. You might be cringing at some of the prices and thinking that you can skip out on this and never eat anything sweet again, but trust me, after a few days you’re going to want a treat. If you want to get the good stuff for a great price, buy the official Trim Healthy Mama brand sweeteners!
  • Alternative Flours. In order to eat something other than eggs, meat, and salads you’re going to need to bake and baking needs flour. While losing weight and sticking to the THM basics, you’ll be baking up low-carb delights. To do this you’ll need Almond Flour, Coconut Flour, Oat Bran Flour, and Flaxseed Meal.
  • Thickeners. Glucomannan Powder is a thickener that doesn’t affect your blood sugar. It’s perfect for making frappes, syrups, stovetop jelly/jam, puddings, gravy, and even breads and cakes. It helps suppress your appetite for an added weight loss bonus. One bottle lasts forever! A lot of THMers use Xanthan Gum too. 
  • Whey Protein Powder. All your THM meals, snacks, desserts and shakes need to have some protein to help regulate your blood sugar. Pearl and Serene recently released their own premium protein powder at a great price! 
  • Coconut Oil. The great thing about THM is it introduces you to a whole new world of healthy fats. And Coconut Oil is a major player. It’s super good for you and very versatile. You’ll be using it a lot on the THM plan.
  • Bread and Tortilla Substitutes. Low-carb Joseph’s Pitas and Joseph’s Lavash Bread will help you have some freedom in the kitchen. It’s easy to make a breakfast burrito or lunch wrap, even a flatbread pizza with a few of those on hand. Low-carb tortillas are great too. If you’re hankering for a slice of bread, Ezekiel Bread is a life-saver. Don’t want to buy bread? No problem! Briana Thomas has a wonderful recipe for you: Homemade Trim Healthy Mama Bread.
  • Hardware. You will want a good blender to enjoy all the yummy drinks and shakes. And I personally recommend a coffee bean or spice grinder to powder your chosen sweetener for treats like Skinny Chocolate.

Check out Sheri’s shopping list and Julie’s shopping list for more great THM starter items.

Got a full-bodied hubby? Here are some tips and tricks for men following the Trim Healthy Mama plan!


Trim Healthy Mama Dinners from

Let’s get in the kitchen and lose some weight! 





S (satisfying) Dinners – high fat, low carb

E (energizing) Dinners – healthy carbs, low fat

S, E, or FP (fuel pull) – easily adapted to fit each category


Snacks, Sauces, and Sides:

Trim Healthy Mama desserts

Looking for more great Trim Healthy Mama recipes and tips? 

Here are some of our favorite Trim Healthy Mama friendly blogs: 

Cruise around on these great sites for recipes, tips and tricks, shopping lists and more!


32 thoughts on “Trim Healthy Mama

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    1. Kasi

      Can anyone tell me if ezekial tortillas are on plan? I know the bread is just want to make sure the tortillas are too

      1. Amanda Coers

        I believe they are, though I haven’t personally seen the nutritional info for them.

  2. stephanieguertin

    Gotta love everything THM! I’m loving this new way of life, the way I feel and especially all of the yummy new recipes I find! Thanks so much for adding to my wonderful new recipe repertoire! <3

  3. Pamela B.

    Thank you for sharing your recipes!! Looking forward to discovering more 🙂

  4. Kris D

    Great recipes! Can’t wait to try the White Chicken Chili!

  5. Diane Porter

    I have enjoyed several of your THM recipes, and have several pinned that I am looking forward to making soon!

  6. Ginger Rogers

    I like your blogsite!! This is very helpful and encouraging on the THM journey!! Thanks!!

  7. R Randall

    It is all looking good!

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  9. becky

    I don’t know if this is a sight to get encouragement or ask questions? If it is I would like to say Hello I am just about ready to turn 50. I started thm a week ago and have lost 7 pounds. I am a little overwelmed with all the information that I have read but am trying to take a day at a time. I ate eggs and bacon all last week for breakfast and mainly S meals. Was this ok and what about portion control. Do you have to have emeals every day. I still have to by the basic thm ingredients. I use stevia but I have not and hope by next month to get to some of the recipies. Thanks for your help. If this is not a sight to ask these questions. could you direct me to one thanks.

    1. amandacoers

      Hi Becky! 🙂 Congratulations on such a great start! It sounds like you’ve been having some yummy, slimming breakfasts. I like to eat at least one E meal a day, but that’s the great thing about Trim Healthy Mama – it’s all up to you! You decide which meal type you’d like to eat and go for it.

      I find a lot of support, encouragement, and answers for my questions in the Trim Healthy Mama Facebook group:

      Good luck to you! I can’t wait to hear more about your progress!

  10. Christy Jordan

    Okay Amanda, I’m going to give this a go for the third or fourth time using you as my inspiration! I swear I’ll be the first ADD person to ever study that book long enough to figure it out. There is so much good information in it but its just all over the map and I’ve not had the time to pull out the bits I need in order to figure it out.
    I’m a bullet points gal 🙂
    The book is like having a conversation with two women at the same time about their lives, feelings, and experiences and then having to take a test on an unspecified 10% of the material later 🙂
    I tend to skim books and that just doesn’t work with this one.
    I am going to do my best to try once more! I know it works and I know the authors have a heart for God and I do feel this plan is God breathed. I already have all of the things they said to order, have had them since you first started, now to figure out what to do with the things and all of this FP, E, and S stuff!

    1. amandacoers

      Christy I’m so excited for you! There is a bit of a learning curve, it took me a good month to really get it straight – but I promise it just becomes second nature after a bit. Once you learn which category foods belong to: either S, E, or FP then you can easily separate your foods and start shrinking. I made a bunch of mistakes at first, but still lost weight. I really do love THM!

  11. Barbara Brooks

    I visit a friend for two weeks out of town.She a d her family were doing THM.So that ment I had to eat what she served.I lostweight and my blood sugar came down. I was amazed as the Dr.keeps giving me so many meds trying to get it under control. I came home, ordered the book and am very happy with my weight loss and my bs is now great. I have now cut back on the amount of insulting.I take.

    1. Amanda Coers

      Barbara thats outstanding! 🙂

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  13. Julie

    Thanks for all of your THM recipes!! I can’t wait to try them–you’ve really helped me out!

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  24. Andee Wright

    HI, I was wondering if you knew if Cream of Wheat was allowed on the THM plan? Thanks so much!

    1. Amanda Coers

      Hi Andee, as far as I know Cream of Wheat is not fully on plan.

  25. Elizabeth yoder

    Hey there Amanda. I am the mom of 4 children but currently I am feeding 9 people as my brother in law his wife and their daughter are staying with us. Are the recipes you post made to fit your family or do you have to adjust. Thanks so much!!

    1. Amanda Coers

      Hi Elizabeth, my recipes generally feed a big family – but you may need to up the recipes a smidge if you’re feeding a few extra adults

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