Why I’m a Trim Healthy Mama Blogger

Trim Healthy Mama

I’ve been blogging off and on for about five years, respectively. I’ve covered a variety of topics that were near and dear to my heart – but my passion has been food blogging. As a kid I would love to flip through cookbooks and look at the pictures – sadly as a young adult I was a terrible cook. My Nanny took pity on her wayward granddaughter and taught her a few handy tricks in the kitchen. I think she did this mostly for my husband’s sake. When I first started this blog, it was to share some of my sweet Nanny’s recipes as a way to keep her alive in my heart through the magic of wonderful food. In 2014 I started the Trim Healthy Mama eating plan as a way to lose the weight I had struggled with for years. I had seen the program work for close friends and once I started, I could see that it worked for me and my husband. As the direction of my life (and waistline) changed, I knew the content of my blog would also need to be revised.

I worked for years to build up my blog, spending hundreds of hours to get it to this point. I’ve spent time reading articles to improve my skills as a writer, designer, web editor and photographer (though I admit I have so much more to learn). My blog is important to me. And I’ve devoted my blog to sharing only Trim Healthy Mama recipes from now on. Why? Why stake everything I’ve worked so hard to build and create on some diet? 

Because it works. 

I’ve done South Beach, calorie counting, excessive exercise… Nothing has worked for me like Trim Healthy Mama. And I’ve seen Trim Healthy Mama work for so many others. The success stories are amazing. Not just because of the weight lost, but the freedom gained. I’ve seen people’s lives absolutely changed – and it’s a lifestyle that’s easy to maintain. By working to create and share recipes that are Trim Healthy Mama friendly, I am honored to be a small part of that success. 

I believe in my heart that the Trim Healthy Mama book was God-inspired (as all good things are), given to us as a gift so we can finally understand how our bodies work, what good foods can do for us, and how we can live healthier lives in order to better serve our family and friends and others.

I know the authors Pearl and Serene have extremely noble intentions when they share the knowledge they’ve acquired through lots of study, trial and error, and plain old hard work. They genuinely want to help people be healthy. To me that’s a ministry. They’ve sacrificed to bring this book to fruition. I fully believe the Lord has blessed their efforts. Where the Lord is, that’s where I want to be too.

I’ve personally had people come up to me to say that my blog has helped them in their journey to a healthier lifestyle and I’ve been extremely blessed by that. Just to know I’ve been able to assist others is a great reason to keep blogging about Trim Healthy Mama.

I’m honored to be a part of a group of awesome Trim Healthy Mama bloggers who work hard to create delicious on-plan recipes that range from surprisingly simple and quick to down-right elevated cuisine. We encourage each other daily, trouble-shooting recipes and website glitches, hearing prayer requests and life updates, sharing each other’s work with equal admiration and delight. We’re a team, and I love each member!

Trim Healthy Mama is adaptable to any lifestyle, and any stage of life. The concepts are so amazingly simple, once it all clicks in your brain it’s so easy to make the right choices. Whether you’re in a rush and have to grab something in the drive-thru, or money is a little tight and you need to adjust your food budget, you can make the right choices for yourself in any circumstance to live healthier. Even if you have to go off plan and have a “cheat meal” it’s so easy to get right back on track in just three hours with truly delicious food to nourish your body! This eating plan is even perfect for those with no weight to lose. It’s all about healthy foods that empower our bodies, which is great for growing children, teens, pregnant and nursing mamas, individuals with health issues, the elderly and others. 

I regret that my Nanny isn’t alive today. I’d love to show her the wonderful foods I can now make with the knowledge I’ve gained. I know she would have loved to make healthy meals for herself and my Papa to ease their struggles with weight gain, arthritis, diabetes, and ultimately the cancer that robbed her from us. I believe with all my heart that Trim Healthy Mama could have given her a few more years with us. 

And I believe – Lord willing – this fantastic healthy lifestyle has given me more years with my children and grandchildren. 

12 thoughts on “Why I’m a Trim Healthy Mama Blogger

  1. Denise Ward

    Thanks for sharing your story. Have you been able to THMify you grandmother’s recipes?

    1. Amanda Coers

      Yes ma’am! 😀 I made a THM version of my Nanny’s wonderful Buttermilk Pie:


  2. Elise

    I am truly thankful for your blog and what you’ve shared. I derailed for awhile but your blog has been one of the tools helping me re-establish a THM rhythm in my life.

  3. jwitherby

    Thank you for all that you do! I believe in THM as well for very similar reasons. Living on a limited income makes it challenging at times BUT I have been able to stay on plan about 98% of the time, the only time I haven’t was while making memories with my grand daughter… and 3 hours later back on plan…

  4. Stephanie Guertin

    Amen Amanda! Without you and the other bloggers devoted to THM, I never would have succeeded in changing my life with this new lifestyle I love. My health has improved tenfold, I have lost 130-ish lbs, I have discovered allergies and intolerance issues I never knew were a problem, and I love the way I feel. My family is very happy to have me back too. And I never would have managed it if it would not have been for Serene and Pearl, the Facebook groups, and last but not least, wonderful bloggers’ devotion to helping us, like YOU my dear, by providing us with yummalicious, plan-approved recipes to share with our families. Thanks so very much for all you do.

  5. Sharon

    You are the reason I began the THM journey. Two other friends planted the seeds but when you shared your story on FB back in March it was a watershed moment for me. Your story is my story. Literally. Thank you for sharing your journey and blessing those of us new to THM. At 41 I believe my best days are ahead…all because I stopped to read the trimaversary story of a stranger willing to put herself out there!

  6. Lisa Flack-Williams

    Amanda, thank you for your support and love for THM. I love your recipes, and love that I don’t have to worry whether it’s something that’s not on plan.

    This journey changed, and is still changing my life.

    Thanks for what you do!

  7. Cheryl O.

    Amen and AMEN!!! An article worth Pinning and Sharing! Which I’m gonna go do right now… Thanks, Amanda! 🙂

  8. Jennifer Griffin

    Love this and you! I enjoy blogging about THM and doing life with other THM Bloggers. It’s changed my life and I’d be remiss if I didn’t share it and shout it to the rooftops!

    Thanks for posting all these wonderful recipes and for being brave enough to be my friend. 🙂

  9. joannevoth

    Amanda, thank you for sharing your THM recipes. I have followed your blog for a while, and am inspired by you and your husband’s weight loss.

  10. Gayla

    This is my first day on THM.I just received my book,been reading on it all day. Thank you for your blog.

  11. Alesha

    Thank you from another Trim Healthy Mama who loves to cook and loves the kitchen but lacks the creativity needed to create the fabulous recipes you and others have shared. I was so surprised when at age 33 I began my journey, almost two years ago now, and I began to lose weight. Me, the girl who had been a solid size 12/14 since my freshman year of high school. Through two pregnancies and births I never really changed sizes. Today I am wearing a size Small shirt and size 6/8 bottoms! It was only a 20 pound loss, but I have maintained that loss despite more cheating than I like to admit. Thanks again for a wonderful blog and sharing your recipes and knowledge with us!

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